Cancellation Policy

Product once Sold will not be taken back without Genuine Reasons.

However, Our Products are eligible for full refund with in 10 days of delivery, in case of any product defects, damage or not matching the Description provided in our site.

We are manufacturing all products with Superior quality raw materials and Intellectual Design ensuring best performance throughout the life time of the Instrument; under high level of Quality Control. All PROMINENT Products are warranted free from defects for a period of Five Years and all the Trading Items (Products shown in Other Products Category) with a warranty of Two Years. We will repair or replace as find suitable, any piece of defective Equipment / Instrument/ Items during this period. It is our responsibility to ensure the Customer Satisfaction. We will ensure the Pre Delivery Inspection for all the Instruments purchased from PROMINENT. We are supplying Other Products from reputed manufacturers only. The buyers can ensure the Specification from our website. Always we are happy to provide best after sale service support for all our Customers within reasonable time; and if it is after the warranty period, with reasonable Service charge. We will ensure the after sale service either Online / Direct/ suitable mode as and when we feel that, it is essential for the effective utilization of the Products. We will provide the Basic Operation Details through our Website. Onsite demonstration will be chargeable at Extra Cost(Outside Kerala). Also customers can contact us directly via E-mail/ Mobile.

The specifications of all products may subjected to change without prior notice. Prominent Reserves the right to make the necessary Improvements in Performance without incurring any obligations to incorporate these changes in products.