Micro Controller Based Visible Spectrophotometer

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µ Controller Based Visible Spectrophotometer High accuracy and reliability 4 Digit Seven Segment LED 340 – 960 nm Range %T, Abs, Conc. measuring modes 10 nm Bandwidth Single Position 20/50 mm Cuvette Holder (Optional)

Product Attributes:

Warranty : Two Years
Brand : Systronics
Wavelength Range : 340 nm to 960 nm

Wavelength Range :340 to 960 nm
Application :Industrial Use, Laboratory Use
Detector :Wide Range Silicon Photo diode
Weight :6.5 Kg (Approx)
Wavelength Accuracy :+/-5 nm
Wavelength Display :Dial
Spectral Bandwidth :10 nm
Photo metric Accuracy :+/-0.005 Abs at 1.000 Abs
Photo metric Resolution :0.1%T,0.001 Abs
Photo metric Readout :4 digit Seven Segment LED
Grating :600 lines/mm
Source :Tungsten halogen lamp
Sample Holder :Single position 10 mm corvette holder
Min Sample Volume :1 ml in 4 ml corvette
Power :230V,+/-10%,50Hz
Dimension :W420xD310xH125 mm
Accessories :Two Glass Corvettes
Optional Accessories :Single Position 20/50 mm Corvette Holder (Factory Installed)

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