Millikans Oil Drop Experiment Apparatus

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The Millikens Oil Drop Experiment was an experiment performed by Robert A. Millikan and Harvey Fletcher in 1909 to measure the charge of an electron. A closed chamber was fitted with two parallel metal plates, which acquire a positive or negative charge when an electric current is applied. An atomizer sprays a mist of oil droplets into the upper portion of the chamber.

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Individually Sprinfg Loaded Contact,Replaceable Probe Tips,Spring Loaded Sample Holder,Stainless Steel Probe Holder,Able to take sample upto min. 10mm Dia,Constant Current,Suitable for GE Sample,Suitable for Polymer sample,Suitable for Conductors,Suitable for unknown Samples,Option for Lowering temerature below ambient,Built in Liquid Nitrogen Container,Ramp Function in Temperature Controller,Metal Cabinet for shielding,Plastic Moulded Frames

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