Weswox Precision Spectrometer

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Accuracy : + .001 Percent Capacity :1min 7 Inch Circle

Product Attributes:

Warranty : Two Years
Brand : Weswox
Accuracy : + .001 Percent

Durable Construction : Heavy metallic casting provider a sturdy base fitted with leveling screws and carries the fixed collimator arm and a swinging Telescope arm.
Accurately Adjusted Telescope & Collimator Tubes :Telescope & Collimator tubes are carried on sturdy machined pillars, which are accurately adjusted to make the axis of the telescope & collimator pass through the axis of the instruments. Both the Telescope & Collimator tubes are fitted with smooth rack & pinion adjustment.
Stainless Steel Slit : Slit of the collimator is from Stainless Steel and the slit jaws are finished and ground with the utmost care and optically tested for accuracy of the edges. The two jaws are operated by knurled ring and move symmetrically from the centre and remain parallel at all openings. A sliding Shutter is provided to increase or decrease the length of the slit.
Custom Prism : Prism Table with grating holder is provided with three leveling screws and is engraved with concentric lines to facilitate correct location of the prism. It may be raised or lowered & rotated independently of the verniers.
Calibrated Scale :Scale is machine-divided in ½ degrees or 1/3 degrees on a lifetime Stainless Steel Circle. A cover plate fully protects the scale from dust and carriers two transparent plastic protected windows for verniers. The scale circle is provided with slow & quick tangential movements being fixed to the telescope arm. Accuracy of calibrations +.001%. Two verniers are provided reading to 1 minute of the Arc. (or 30 secs. if so specified).
Finest Quality Achromatic Optics :The objectives are 1” clear aperture with 10x RAMSDEN Eyepiece fitted with cross line glass graticule to produce sharp spectral images.
Packaging Contents : Dust Cover. , STYROFOAM molded box or plywood cabinet.
Accessories (Optional) : Ramsden Eyepiece 10x. , Ramsden Eyepiece 10x with holder & optical cross graticule.

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