UVC Sterilizer - Covid19 Disinfector with Five Years warranty

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Our UVC16WP is Designed for the Maximum performance with 360Deg. Exposure. Manual Model. This Product is designed for Offices / Industries/ Institutions/Public Places etc.

Product Attributes:

Warranty : Five Years
Body : Black Accrelic


Box Dimension:35cm x 30cm x 10cm approximately
Type of Lamp UVC (germicidal) lamps
Total Lamp Life: 11000 Hr
Watage of Lamp Used: 8W
Number of Lamps Used: 2 nos
UV-C Radiation per Lamp: 2.4W
Total UV-C Radiation output: 4.8W
Radiation Wavelength: 100 nm to 280 nm
Exposure : 360 Degree using Reflectors
Exposure Time: 120 Sec approx.
Cutoff method: Manual
Warranty: 5 Years

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